Top Dam in Madhya Pradesh

Top dams to spend your monsoon vacation - in Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is a state of beautiful destinations and colossal dams. It is a perfect season to unveil the exquisiteness of central India. Here are few of the dams which you can travel to during monsoon.

Tigra Dam – Gwalior

Distance – 24 km approx.

On the outskirt of Gwalior located the beautiful Tigra Dam. It is just an incredible and absolutely thrilling experience to watch when dam gates are open and the area is prettily covered with a lush bed of greenery. The sunset here is beautiful as the sun rays and water shades make a great canvas. It’s perfect to go to a place like this during the rainy season because the poetry of nature will definitely make you feel all relaxed and unwind.

If you visit the dam post monsoon, you can avail the thrilling water activities and also get to do bird watching.


Tawa Dam & Reservoir – Itarsi, Hoshangabad District

Distance (from Itarsi) – 29 km approx.

Distance (from Hoshangabad) – 44 km approx.

Built for the irrigation purpose, the Tawa Dam & Reservoir is not only providing water to nearby irrigation lands today but has gained so much popularity in the realm of tourism. It prospers as a famous tourist spot which is always thronged by travellers especially, during monsoon. The experience of cruising and speed boating is something a visitor should not miss. Dam & Reservoir is amazingly maintained and surrounded by natural greenery of Satpura forest which is again a fresh treat to the eyes.


Indirasagar Dam - Mundi, Khandwa District

Distance (from Mundi) – 32 km approx.

Distance (from Khandwa) – 65 km approx.

Indirasagar Dam is one of the largest dams in India constructed on the holy Narmada. Travelling here during monsoon is a dream as it turns remarkably beautiful. When the gates are open, seeing water flow downstream in such a speed is a pleasing experience in itself. Visit the site to witness the misty and magical weather of the state.


Gandhi Sagar – Mandsaur & Neemuch District

Distance (from Mandsaur) – 117 km approx.

Distance (from Neemuch) – 96 km approx.

The Gandhi Sagar Dam in Mandsaur is one of the biggest dams built on Chambal River. It is famous for its clean water and home to a wide array of aqua and Aerial wildlife. The place is swarmed by winged visitors - migratory and non-migratory birds throughout the year.  One can plan to stay at the beautiful property of MPT Hinglaj Resort which will completely make you feel relaxed away from all the commotion of daily life. If you are planning to visit the Gandhi Sagar Dam, do not forget to explore the Hinglaj fort and Chaturbhujnala rock shelters which are other great tourist attractions near the dam to discover.

Come, enjoy the magical monsoon in Madhya Pradesh by travelling to some breath-taking dams around the state.

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