Winter Food of Madhya Pradesh

Snacks trail in Madhya Pradesh - The must have treats during Winter


Winter is all about indulgence and indulgence is best relished with a nip in the air! A traveler’s heart no doubt gets pulled in winter by destinations that offer the luxury of treating us with the piping hot snacks to crunchy crispy munchies. So here we come with a definitive list of snacks which can be every foodie’s companion during winter months while visiting the Heart of Incredible India- Madhya Pradesh.


A signature sweet from Morena- Gajak (sesame brittle) is mostly made of roasted sesame or peanuts & cashew, with Jaggery and Ghee. Gajak is a winter specialty with shops lined up with these goodies. Other than Morena if you are traveling to Gwalior, then don’t miss to take a halt at Morena Gajak Bhandar. The shop is popular for their quality products and as you take in just one bite of this sweet, you will be left wanting for more literally. Even though Gajak is dominant in these regions, now you can try this sweet anywhere in Madhya Pradesh. With the changing times, Gajak is also available in different flavors. So, when traveling in Madhya Pradesh do try out this sweet and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Are you the one who deeply yearns for Jalebi on a chilly winter evening or early morning hours, along with a glass of piping hot glass of milk? Can’t control the urge? Well, head to Khandwa for this staple winter breakfast and indulge in this desi dessert. Even if you are not in Khandwa and traveling elsewhere in Madhya Pradesh during winter months, worry noT….. As you can find good number of shops in other parts of this state as well, you won’t be missing out on your share of doodh- Jalebi!

The sweet shops can be seen putting up outdoor settings in their little makeshift counters lined with trays of the sweet and large pots of milk by their side attracting the customers. The charm of standing on an empty street corner in early morning hours with a glass brimming with hot milk and a plate full of Jalebis is irresistible. Even if you are not a morning person, you should plan to gorge on doodh- Jalebi!

Poha Jalebi-

Nothing beats the heavenly combination of Poha- Jalebi and you can find shops selling this snacks in Bhopal and Indore literally everywhere. This combination is however dominant across Madhya Pradesh, hence you can easily grab your plate of Poha- Jalebi. Very light yet fulfilling sumptuous breakfast, you can enjoy a plate full of Poha jalebi to start a chilly winter day. It is topped with sev or mixture, chopped onion, and coriander and served with a slice of lemon for tangy taste. Paired with hot scrumptious jalebis, you got to try the combo to believe it!



A root from Yam/potato family, hot and crispy Garadu comes to rescue in winters. Foodies can be seen huddling to Sarafa Bazar in Indore to grab their plate of this winter snacks. A trip to Indore and Ratlam during winter months remains incomplete without tasting crispy, fried cubes of Garadu sprinkled with the city’s signature hot and tangy spices and then garnished with coriander, lemon juice to give it a mouth-watering taste! Even this winter snack is found on innumerable shops in various regions of MP that are open till late night satiating your appetite.


Green Chickpeas (Hola)

Green Chickpeas are perfect for winter snacking. Easy to eat by the handful, this snack is a must try for winters as you get to eat it all fresh. These are often sold along with their branches that they grow on and this is the season when green chickpeas are harvested. Part of enjoying them is to pick them from the branches and eat them on the spot. Usually sold by the roadside, this can be enjoyed either by roasting or can be consumed even raw.


So, when travelling in the heart of incredible india that too specially in winter, do grab your plate of these scrumptious snacks that are sure to give you a mind boggling experience.

Madhya Pradesh - A state of timeless cuisines

As you travel the length and breadth of Madhya Pradesh, you’ll encounter sights that you’ve never seen before, experiences that will transform into stories but most importantly, you’ll set out on a gastronomical journey. One that will leave you wanting more.

Indore- A city that eats well and hosts well!

Scrumptious is the word delightful to every foodie soul. It’s an expression which brings in mind a great food and truly all the emotions associated with it! Well.. you will find the same emotions rushing to the fore when you step into Indore’s market to satisfy your hunger pangs. The street food of Indore, to be specific is extremely popular across and the food culture has a blend of Rajasthani, Gujarati and Maharashtrian influence.  Let us tempt you with a list of best Indore street food for your next visit to the city.

Bhopal- a city that pampers your taste buds

Occupying a place of pride in the heart of incredible India, Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is also famously known as the city of lakes. Founded by Raja Bhoj, the original name of the city was then Bhojpal. Bhopal later came into prominence when Dost Mohammad Khan, an Aghan soldier in the Mughal Army usurped the kingdom from Gond queen Rani Kamlapati after her death and built Fatehgarh fort here.

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