Top 5 Folk Dance

Lets come and Know - The Top 5 Folk Dance Form of Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is the 2nd largest state in the country, with countless monuments, forts, handicraft markets, wildlife and more in store, to woo travellers from across the world. The heart of India – Madhya Pradesh has indeed got everything that the heart desires for. The state is also home to a wide variety of folk dances including Matki, Gudum Baja, Badhai dance, Gangaur, Saila etc. to keep culture mongers and travellers from across the globe, intrigued throughout their stay here. Mostly all these traditional dance forms involve several local rituals and are somewhere associated to the religious faith of the people of the respective region. Read below to unfold the story of some of the famous folk dances of Madhya Pradesh.

Matki is a community dance of Malwa region predominantly performed by women on different occasions. These women rhythmically dance to the beats of the dhol – a musical instrument used in this traditional dance form. The women make graceful hand movements while balancing the ‘Matki’ (earthen pots) on their heads, which creates a beautiful effect and is a treat to look at. These women are called ‘Jhela’, who are usually decked up in traditional Malwi attires with a veil covering their face.

Gudum Baja

Gudum Baja is a musical instrument played by the elbows. Popular amongst the Gond tribe, the idea of playing Gudum Baja while performing traditional dance moves has become a distinct tribal dance form in itself. Apart from Gudum Baja, the tribe also sometimes uses other musical instruments for their performance such as Shehnai (clarinet), Manjira (clash cymbals) and Timki (small side drum), which make this dance form way more interesting and exquisite to watch. 

Badhai Dance

Badhai is performed on happy occasions like child birth, marriages or during festivals in the Bundelkhand region. In this dance form, men and women decked up in colourful traditional outfits dance to the tunes of accompanying musical instruments to keep the spectators intrigued till the end.


The festival of Gangaur is celebrated in the southwestern parts of Madhya Pradesh including Malwa and Nimar region. During this festival, ladies gear-up in colourful traditional attires to worship Goddess Gauri, who is considered as the deity of love & strength. These womendance on melodic Gangaur songs and recite Gangaur poems while the rituals are being performed. The festival is a celebration of spring and is observed with great zeal by the women of the region, who worship the goddess for good health of their partners.

Saila Dance

Saila dance involves multiple movements performed with a stick that is used as a prop in the dance and the artists form a circle and hop around while supporting each other. Saila dance is popular among the Gond tribe, one of the largest tribal communities in Asia. Saila tribal dance is a performing art of Madhya Pradesh that is much-loved for its unique presentation. The dance is performed to mark the completion of the harvest season and is considered as one of the most engrossing folk dances of Madhya Pradesh.

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