Hues of Bhopal

Hues of Bhopal - during Ramzan


The month of Ramzan can be a wonderful time to travel and just like any other religious festival, this occasion would offer you a great break to know about the local tradition and culture. Through this piece of information, we are sharing how old Bhopal glams-up during the holy Month of Ramzan and what all a tourist can explore.

Food stalls full of iftar snacks

We all know how the festival of Ramzan is celebrated, devotees from all over the world fast from dawn to dusk and end the roza with iftar. The streets of old Bhopal witness a burst of activities and the food stalls stock up on iftari snacks. Some can also experience the aroma of fresh pheni, samosas and imarti wafting through the streets. Nukti khaare, bakarkhani (spiced flat-bread), chanadaal, khajoor (dates), bhajiyas (fritters) and pheni are some of the popular snacks that are sold in the market during Ramzan and highly preferred by the families for opening roza as iftar refreshments.

Masjids thronged by devotees

As the heavenly sound of azaan fills the air, devotees gather at Masjids to offer prayers. The majestic masjids become a focal point during Ramzan and get thronged by a huge number of devotees. If we talk about the grand architecture, Bhopal is truly blessed with a few of the most beautiful mosques in India. The structures of Taj-ul-Masajid, Moti Masjid, and Jama Masjid will not fail to impress you. Visiting the mosques during the Ramzan in Bhopal is a great way to understand the religious significance of the festival in general. If not as a disciple, visit these architectural wonders as a tourist to explore the history and spiritual importance of the place.

Buzzing night market of old Bhopal

While the streets of old Bhopal maybe quiet during the daytime in the month of Ramzan but you will totally enjoy the night markets here. The city begins to witness a huge gathering of shoppers who could not shop the whole day but come down to shop at night. You will find shops of itra or fragrances, jewellery, home décor, clothing, and shoes swamped by buyers. If you are visiting chowk bazaar, do visit zari-zardozi shops where you will find some authentic hand embroidered batuas, decorative items and dress material. The craft is native to the city and was well promoted by the Begums of Bhopal. After shopping, go to Qazi camp to relish yummy biryani & kebabs and if you are a vegetarian then food stalls at Jumerati will not disappoint you. The the las there offer a wide variety of food items from tikki chat, golgappe, sabudana khichdi to much more.

All these are a few but wonderful experiences which you should not miss during the festivities of Ramzan in Bhopal!

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