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Bhopal - Cool hangout places to chill with your loved ones


If you thought Bhopal was just about the old world charm, you were so wrong! The city is much more than its historical places. There are some really cool hangout joints in the city of lakes where one can have a great time with family & friends. Here’s a short but definite bucket list of places that promise a good time in Bhopal with your loved ones:

1. Bake-n-Shake

It is hands down the most buzzing cafes in Bhopal, known for the best quality of snacks and drinks being served. There are altogether 3 outlets in the city located at MP Nagar (Jyoti Talkies), 10 number stop and New Market (TT Nagar).

From an array of tempting snacks to amazing drinks to try on and some lively music to enjoy, this hangout joint has it all! It also offers indoor and outdoor seating so, choose your corner and settle down for a mind-blowing experience ahead.

Must haves: Paneer/ chicken tikka rice bowl, cold coffee, veg Kothe, death bite (loaded with dry fruits, lots of cream, chocolate, and Ice cream)


2. CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) @ Boat Club:

CCD makes for everyone's favorite hangout spot. Reason being? Located amidst scenic surroundings at Boat club, CCD has a really cool ambiance. One of the perfect hangout joints to chat, relax and unwind over a cup of coffee or tea teamed with a menu offering mouth-watering snacks that are worth every penny, CCD is the crowd puller in the city. Go explore the place and know it for yourself!

Must Haves: Cookies, sandwiches, coffee, ice tea


3. Wind & Waves

Located at one of the most vantage points in the city i.e boat club, Wind and Waves is heavenly for those who love to chill out in outdoor sitting arrangements. Especially on a nice, pleasant morning (really fresh) or a breezy evening (extremely romantic), this hangout joint comes to rescue.  Enjoy the fantastic view of the lake, speedy service, and reasonable pricing here along with a peaceful retreat for a lazy brunch on a weekend! 

Must Haves: fish finger, Chilli chicken, chicken tikka, chicken seekh kebab, rogan josh, butter chicken 


4. Indian Tea House (ITH)

Located besides Gauhar Mahal (a popular heritage point in the city), Indian Tea House is nature and heritage lovers delight. One of the key factors that make India Tea House the coolest hangout joints is its lake facing location. You can enjoy your snacks by either making yourself comfortable at the rooftop sitting area or you can simply sit down on the stairs gazing at the beautiful lake. The breathtaking views from this hangout joint make for a peaceful evening.

Must Haves: Zafrani or Moroccan tea, Cheese Maggi, sandwiches, Ice tea


5. Bhopal Baking Company (BBC)

A high-end outlet located at 10 number market, greets you with a comfortable and inviting environment. You can truly enjoy a very classy and upmarket cafe experience here. The cafe basks with positivity and liveliness. Get yourself some really good treats and indulge in the best of the vibrant atmosphere around.   

Must Haves: Don’t miss out on their pastry and bakery products


6. LIG Maggi & Pasta

Located at Lalghati and New Market, this place is an absolute delight for Maggi or Pasta lovers. However their snack options do not end here. Another must try in the menu served by them has a section called ‘Rotizza’ (a combo of roti and Pizza). So, grab your plate of these mouth watering snacks here and bookmark this hangout joint for your future references! 

Must Haves: Punjabi tadka Maggi, garlic bread, choco brownie shake, cheese masala pasta 

So, give a break to yourself and dash out to these coolest hangout joints in Bhopal!

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