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Chhatarpur - A city of historic landscapes and rich antiquities!


The Chhatarpur holds an unparalleled status of conserving the religious charm, and Indian ethnicity. Henceforth, the mesmerising monuments, treasurable landscapes, and wildlife of the town will leave you spellbound with its beauty!

Beholding the spectacular view of Raneh Falls to the Ken Gharial Sanctuary situated at the Sangam of Ken and  Khudar Rivers, the territory of Chhatarpur entail various picturesque tourist sites to discover! Moreover, the district shares several major borders such as the Panna from the east, Tikamgarh from the west, Damoh from the south, Sagar from the southwest, and lastly, Uttar Pradesh from the north.

Once considered the "king's place" of central India, Chhatarpur has tons of tourist attractions to entice visitors within and nearby the city - Jatashankar, Bhimkund, Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum and Panna National Park Temples to name a few. Nonetheless, the popular UNESCO world heritage site, the Khajuraho Group of Temples comes under the province of Chhatarpur which also hosts the world-renowned Khajuraho Dance Festival in the month of February each year.

Khajuraho - A land with historic Monuments

Khajuraho is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh. It is well known for its ancient temples that showcase some of the finest art in the world.

Cherish the amazing view of Khajuraho Temple

The Khajuraho temples are categorised into three groups: Eastern, Western and Southern. Beautiful, intricate and expressive Khajuraho temples will leave you in awe and wonder.'

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Panna White Tiger


Roaring success of tiger conservation

Panna, one of the largest Tiger Reserves of India, was on the verge of failing its purpose in the year 2009. That year, a study by the Wildlife Institute of India showed that Panna had only one male tiger left. From a boast-worthy 24 tigers and tigresses to an alarming one male tiger; Panna had lost its charm.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park

The Gemstone of Indian National Parks

Old teak woods, indigenous colourful rocks, clear, pristine waters of the Ken River, the Vindhya mountain ranges and two amazingly high waterfalls make up the setting of one of the most renowned national parks in India. Rich in biodiversity and wilderness, the national park also hosts Asia’s only active diamond mine.

Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho Temples

A Spectacle of Passion, History and Creativity

Situated nearly 50 kilometres away from Chhatarpur city of Madhya Pradesh, there lies a cluster of temples, famously called the Khajuraho Temples. This site is considered by some as an embodiment of human imagination, history, architecture, heritage, love and passion. Khajuraho is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is also believed to be one of the Wonders of India. Rich in historical myths, stories, artistic creativity and architectural marvel, these temples are a representative of the art and architecture of ancient India.