Amarkantak - Madhya(MP) Pradesh Tourism

Amarkantak - A blessed sojourn


The Amarkantak region has a rich natural heritage. It is the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura Ranges, with the Maikal Hills being the fulcrum. Three rivers - the holy Narmada, the Sone and the Johila - emerge here.

The forests surrounding Amarkantak have a rich variety of plants with medicinal properties, which make it extremely significant from an ecological point of view.

Amarkantak is not just a pilgrim destination, but a beautiful place which offers immense natural beauty. It is home to Gayatri Sarovar, Mai Ka Bagicha and Dugdh Dhara, and is a rich in flora.

The hills covered with verdant forests, the calm waters of the rivers, and the serenity of the place makes it an ideal destination to be visited in monsoons.

Getting there:

By road: Regular buses, and taxi from Anuppur, which is 48kms away from Amarkantak.

By rail: Pendra Road is the nearest railway station to Amarkantak.