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Top Forts in Madhya Pradesh

Top 5 forts to visit in

Madhya Pradesh is well known for its mighty forts and enthralling history preserved in the walls of these grandeurs. Have a look at some of the stunning masterpieces which are now the symbol of a bygone era and are part of India’s rich historical & cultural treasures. 

Experience village walks

One thing you must do when in Madhya Pradesh

When you are traveling, some of the most rewarding experiences come when you talk to the locals and get a sneak peek into their lifestyle. One of the perfect means to do so is to head out to explore villages and experience something new. Be it all about trying hands-on pottery, or simply take a walk through the villages to know and understand the rural tourism, village walk experiences are unique.

Chinku Bai by MPTourism

A queen remembered for her height

One of the popular tourist attractions in Gwalior is Jai Vilas Palace which catches attention not just for its magnanimity but also for the heavy, beautifully designed Chandeliers, and silver toy train; but there are other aspects too associated with this magnificent heritage palace. 

Things to know in bhopal | Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Remembering the Old Flavours of Bhopal

Bhopal boasts of great historical experiences which have definitely left their impression on the art and culture of the city of lakes. Be it the ‘paan’ culture which is continuing from the old times or the legacy of ‘zari zardozi’ which was loved by every female of the city including the Begums of Bhopal, there are endless things and experiences that are remembered even today for a good reason.

Remarkable Sound & Light Show in Madhya Pradesh

5 Cities in MP Where You Can Witness

Soaked in the rich past, Madhya Pradesh is best known for its historic grandeurs and enthralling tales! What better than witnessing the folklores with a sound and visual treat? Head to these six cities in the state and experience the mesmerising sound & light shows portrayed against the backdrop of ancient monuments.

Lacquer toys madhya pradesh

Lacquer toys

The time when we were just kids running around and simply engaged in the pure joy of playing with our toys seems like years ago. Times have changed, we have grown up to be adults but the inner child in each one of us reminds about the time when we were inseparable from our toys and each toy was very dear to us.  

Batto bai Doll in Madhya Pradesh

Batto Bai Dolls

Madhya Pradesh is a state which is known for its unique handicrafts. Once you deep dive into the mesmerizing world of handicrafts of MP, you will come across several cities and small towns where handicraft is not just a livelihood for people living there but is also a source of identity for them. 

Go heritage run

Go Heritage Run

If you are a runner at heart and also planning to visit Madhya Pradesh in February and March then you are in for a treat to run not one, not two but three runs.

Tent City Hanuwantiya

Enjoy the Tent City in

From the past few years, ‘Jal Mahotsav’ of Hanuwantiya has been one of the most talked events of the state. Hanuwantiya comes under the Khandwa district and is around 170 km from Indore and 248 km from the capital city Bhopal. Situated at the banks of ‘Indira Sagar Dam’ the untouched and natural beauty of Hanuwantiya never fails to attract thousands of tourists during the festive season.

Jungle Camps in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, with its rich and lush forests, is home to a plethora of fauna, including the densest population of the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger.